Monday August 15, 2016


Thruster form/technique - prep for MetCon


"Bergeron Beep Test"

EMOM for as long as possible (10 min mandatory)

7 Thruster (75/55)

7 Pull-ups

7 Burpee


If you fall behind the reps then there are NO BREAKS. You will immediately drop to 6,6,6 & if it happens again then 5,5,5 and so on, all the way down to 2,2,2 if need be, for the 10 mins). Intermediate athletes start at 5,5,5 and beginners start at 3,3,3. 

**This is a workout created by Ben Bergeron, owner of CrossFit New England. His contention is that if you are able to get 16+ rounds on this workout RX’d, then you have the work capacity/engine to make it to the Games.  Chris Spealer got just below 18 rounds on this.

If you are unable to do RX'd pull-ups, please do jumping pull-ups as a mod.

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