CFB Athlete of the Month - July, 2015

Name: Jackye McAnn 

Age: 41

Occupation: Flight Paramedic

Which class do you usually attend? Noon

Favorite WOD: It's a toss up I love Grace since I can finally do it, but I love doing Murph every year to push myself.

Favorite Lift: Cleans

What brought you to CFB? I had tried every gym in Brownwood, I didn't understand how the equipment worked, no one really talked to me in the classes. It all felt very awkward. I was wanting to lose weight like everyone else, I just didn't have a clue on how to start. So I figured I would give this new gym a try. The moment I walked in to meet Matt I knew this place was different. The intro fitness workout almost killed me. I knew I had to come back. 

How long have you been a member at CFB? 3 years

What is your athletic background? I played sports in high school, basketball and volleyball ,  as a adult I played roller derby.

How has CFB changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness?  When I first started, I was a almost 2 pack a day smoker. CFB gave me the desire to quit smoking. I wanted to be stronger, faster and smoking wasn't going to allow that. So after 20 years of smoking I finally found something that made me want to quit. I have been smoke free for 19 months!! I plan things around my CF schedule now, instead of the gym being a last thought, it's worked into my every day life! 

What is one thing you have done through CFB that you never thought you could do? Run, when I first started I couldn't finish a 250 run. Matt always told the new people coming in about me running the straight and walking the curves because I just couldn't breathe or have the stamina, when they would say they can't run. Now I have completed a half marathon and start training for my full marathon Sept 1st! I also never though my perception would change. I was always about getting skinny, now I'm about getting stronger! I could care less about the weight I want muscles. 

What motivates/inspires you? Honestly, the people at CFB inspires and motivates me. To see so many people put in hard work every time they come in is amazing. I love getting to celebrate the victories of the PR with each person. I love screaming for who ever is attempting a new PR, I love that no one leaves until the last person is finished.

 Name one goal you would like to achieve? Pull-ups! 

Any advice for new members or people thinking about starting CrossFit? Just get here, get the notion that you are not fit enough to do crossfit out of your head! Our coaches tailor make the wods for every level of athlete or non athlete.