CrossFit Brownwood Rules for Children

CrossFit Brownwood is a family friendly gym. With that said, rules need to be in place so every member knows what is expected and above all else ensure the SAFETY of your children at the gym!

First of all we gladly welcome your children to be at the gym while you workout! However, please be considerate of all members! Many of our members use their gym time as a much needed escape from their everyday chaos. This does not mean you cannot bring your child, but it does mean your children should behave and cause little to no disruption to the class.

Children need to stay in the kids/lobby area at all times or outside in the GRASS area ONLY. Due to liability concerns children cannot be allowed in the following areas:

  • On the gravel driveway areas or behind vehicles!
  • The rail spur.
  • Around or near the loading docks/overhead doors.
  • Back around the storage racks in the warehouse.
  • On the gym floor while class is in session.

Can kids use the bathroom during class? Yes! Please assist them personally to the restroom to avoid them from being accidentally hit by flying barbells!

We WELCOME children who are able to follow these rules. If your child needs consistent care or cannot follow these rules independently, they will need supervision by someone other than the gym goer. The safety of your children AND the quality of our members experience at CrossFit Brownwood is extremely important to us, thank you!