CrossFit Brownwood Member "Bill of Rights"

Article 1 – Right to a clean facility

  • Re-rack all weights even if you didn’t use them. The location you should put them is no where it is most convenient for you, but rather where they’re supposed to go.

  • Leave the gym in a better condition than it was found.

  • Don’t track rain, dirt or mud onto the gym floor unless you plan on cleaning it up.

  • Keep the chalk in the chalk buckets or on your hands!

Article 2 – Conditions regarding attitude

  • Come to train, not “workout”

  • Leave your personal drama at home

  • Check your ego at the door

  • No excuses, train like a champ.

  • No whining or “snitting” (miscounting reps during a workout)

  • Help others be better than you.

Article 3 – Provisions concerning hygiene

  • Use deodorant

  • Wear clean clothes

  • Don’t spit in the gym

  • If you puke, you clean

  • Don’t make a mess in the bathrooms

  • If you’re contagious, stay home!

Article 4 – Right of respect

  • Be on time

  • Respect others

  • No use of profanity

  • In the gym, we are all equal!