I’m/We are too busy for that. We don’t have enough time. Have you heard that before? Hell, have you said that before? I know I have lately. I have, at times, had the feeling of being overwhelmed and  way too busy. Here’s a little insight into our family. We have 3 kids (and yes, it does add a lot more work with a 3rd), both work full-time, became co-owners of Crossfit Brownwood (woo hoo), have sports for two of the three boys and I have volunteered to be the baseball president in Early. On top of all of that, we have recently had some unexpected family needs. I have caught myself telling others how busy we are. In return, I hear the same thing from them.

It has me thinking lately. We’re all busy, right? In our own ways, we have multiple different things occupying our time. The concept of my business probably doesn’t compare to yours. And you know what, there’s always someone dealing with more stress or time constraints than we are. The unfortunate thing is that we also use this as an excuse. For example, I have delayed writing this blog because I enjoy my downtime (when I have it). I just finished painting trim today, mowing, coaching, bathing the baby, drinking a beer and now….I’m writing (while drinking a beer that is). I have been just as busy the last 14 days (start of June) as I am tonight and yet, I feel motivated to type this blog.

You may ask yourself, why is Scott ranting on about how busy he is or how busy we all are? Because, this leads to the excuse of not exercising and  not taking care of your body. Where does that lead? Great question person reading this blog right now. It leads down the path to a shorter life with more regrets because you didn’t take the initiative to make changes now. Wait. MORE TIME? Who has that? None of us, that’s the point. But we all should make a concerted effort to get in our daily exercise. Take the time to chop that salad and eat that left over grilled chicken. Take the time to come to Crossfit, enjoy spending time with this group, work your butt off so hard that your backside finds the mat every single day. Why?!? Because we all want the time in the end. The time to retire and enjoy it. The time to enjoy the grandkids. The time to get up at the age of 65, head out the door and continue to Crossfit throughout the rest of your life.

I hope you find the time to meet us at the mat. And remember, we enjoy and appreciate you being there!

So, what’s going on?


The new building is under renovation, we are still shooting for 9/1 but maybe sooner?

9 am class is up and running Monday, Wednesday, Friday and going strong

9:30 Saturday WODs have been awesome, despite Vals grueling selection

Wodify is coming real soon! Check it out online

June Challenge is going well, some great loss in the first week and I see a lot of rowing going on!

New Members:

Zach Melton-5:30 am

Ronnie Ramirez-9 am and Noon

Chris Nosek-Noon, not new but he’s back!

Josh Solis-Noon-Military-thank you for your service

Ashley Moctezuma-Noon

Les King-5:30 p.m.