You Are An Athlete

 CFB Athletes Taking on Open 15.4

CFB Athletes Taking on Open 15.4

Most of us would laugh at the thought of being called an athlete, we are parents, business owners, blue collar workers, white collar workers and being referred to as an athlete doesn't fit the normal mold that most people would consider.  I argue however that's exactly what you call a person who puts as much work as you do in the gym, an ATHLETE.  We train and we train hard at CFB, perhaps not for a specific sport, but rather the greatest sport of all - LIFE.  When you show up at the box by 5:30AM, 99.9% of the town is still cozy in bed, when you arrive during your brief lunch break to sweat your rear off - you better believe your in the 1% and when you sacrifice time of an evening after putting in a solid 8-10 work shift there again is the definition of an athlete.

If you have a body, you are an athlete.
— Bill Bowerman

So don't sell yourself short, you are an athlete and as any athlete does you have a responsibility to better yourself for the game of life. When you are wrangling three small children, lifting heavy tools at work, moving the couch around the living room that's life.  The ultimate opponent for us all is father time, as our biological clocks wind down we have two options succumb to defeat or rise up and better our bodies. Strengthening our muscles, thickening our bones and helping our organs function efficiently. Those of us that make an effort to pay a visit to the gym on a regular basis are already more of an athlete than the majority of the population.  However just "going to the gym" is not always enough - you must surround yourself with like minded people, experienced coaches, and in a positive and engaging atmosphere if you want to optimize your health.  In my (very biased) opinion, by making the choice to Crossfit you've chosen the most effective method in the battle of life, so whether your first or last during the daily WOD we all applaud you for your effort at becoming a better athlete!

Just last night I noticed that the Crossfit YouTube channel uploaded a very relevant video pertaining to today's post; a very good mini-doc, check it out below.

See you on the whiteboard...

-Jon O.