Don't Look Back... ~ Jon O.


Hey Everyone! Jon O. here and I’m taking my first stab at filling in as Blog writer for Crossfit Brownwood and I couldn’t help but discuss one of the predominant themes of the past few weeks - family. Together we have collectively followed each other through various phases of grief, anger, shock, excitement, and then shock again since hearing of the closure of CFB and losing our CF family….  As the following weeks transpired I couldn’t help but realize that I never lost my family, our family bond grew stronger and as family always does we stood by each other through this transitional period!

As fate would have it Matt and Shelby were able to work out a deal with Jack and LaVonda Erwin to keep their dream alive for all of their members.  Jack and LaVonda have graciously taken it upon themselves to see that our box just doesn’t survive, but THRIVES. Much like all of us Jack was bit by the Crossfit bug many years ago and his passion has exponentially grown over the years; along the way gaining his Level 1 certification as well as numerous other certifications. Jack lives in Midland, TX and currently trains and coaches along with his wife at Fit for the Cross. (Check out their website here). In addition Jack and his partner Ricky Garcia operate Triton Equipped, a fitness equipment company located in Midland, TX. (Checkout Triton Equipped Website Here).  As you visit the gym this week you will notice all of the killer equipment and there is still much more that is still to be delivered, which includes eight, YES EIGHT, new rowers! Brand new weightlifting bars and med balls! Adam just can’t wait to put it all to use! Above all else the new owner’s number one priority is providing an establishment to improve the fitness and health of every single Crossfit Brownwood athlete!

With the new ownership does come a few adjustments in how our box is ran. Matt has worked with Jack to identify three new additions to the coaching staff –Jon Oplotnik, Francie Clark, and Jay Kidd. In cooperation with our existing coaches, Lori, Val, John, and Adam; this group of seven are banding together to ensure your Crossfit experience goes above and beyond expectations!

All normally scheduled classes will continue on from this point forward and you will see our current Level 1 Trained coaches (Val, Adam, John) coaching most all of the classes.  As of now we have two additional coaches already signed up to complete their Level 1 Certification and will begin coaching classes as soon as possible.

All members are welcome to attend as many classes this week as they choose. Starting this week we will begin the process of contacting members to determine which member membership levels to begin in May, more info to come throughout the week.

And finally the entire coaching staff has taken on various roles to keep the box functioning no different than it was before, and keep in mind that Matt and Shelby are still here to help along the way!

  • Adam is assuming the role of Programming workouts (if you haven’t noticed he has been doing this the past several weeks).
  • Lori and Francie will be our point of contact for Memberships. (More info to come on this later)
  • Jon O. is assuming responsibilities for the Blog and Facebook page.

More to come later - I’ll see you at the Box!

-Jon O.