Winter League Final

By far my favorite time of the week these past several weeks was the Winter League action on Friday nights. Competition is fun - competition with an awesome group of people is great. A big shout out to Shelby for creating all of the team workouts and keeping the events organized and running smoothly.

In the end the league standings were as follows:
1st Place - WODn2Win with 22.25 league points
2nd Place - Flex Appeal with 18.25 points
3rd Place - Ladies and the Traps with 17 points
4th Place - Snatches and Jerks with 16.5 points

If we were giving out awards the Ladies and the Traps would definitely walk away with the Overall Team Spirit Award for their daring creativity each week followed by Flex Appeal. Most consistent team would go to WODn2Win with their 2nd place finish 3 out of the 4 weeks and their lack of any original team spirit ideas. Snatches and Jerks would be named the comeback kids going from 4th place finish  the first week to 3rd place the second week and finishing first in the last two events. One or two more events and they might have been at the top of the leader board.
If we were naming and MVP it would almost be impossible. I think we would have to call it a tie between all of the women. Each week the women stepped up and made the difference in the workouts.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this so much fun.

The final standings: