Winter League Event #2

Event # 2 of the CFB Winter League goes down Friday night at 6:30pm. Everyone is invited to come out and catch the action.

Here is what the teams will be tasked with:

Part 1: The Battle of 2 "CF Girls"

A. "Partner Karen" - Time Cap 6 minutes
150 Alternating Wall Ball Shots

Each team will choose two team members to participate. The 2 team members will stand side by side and alternate wall ball shots using 1 ball (14#). Men will be required to throw to the 10' target and women to the 8' target. Shots must hit on or above the line. With a 6 minute time cap it will come down to how many reps are completed. If a team completes all 150 reps before the time cap they will receive a bonus 5 reps added to their score.

B. Team "1/2 Cindy"
AMRAP 10 minutes:
5 pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Immediately following the 6 minute "Karen" the remaining 3 teammates that did not participate in "Karen" will participate in 1/2 Cindy. Each of the 3 teammates will be responsible for 1 of the 3 exercises and will stay with that exercise the entire time. Teammate 1 will do the 5 pull-ups, teammate 2 will do the 10 push-up and teammate 3 will do the 15 air squats - each exercise completed in order 1 at a time for as many rounds as the team can manage in 10 minutes. This will also be scored as total reps completed (each round is worth 30 reps, reps from partial rounds will count).

4 minute rest/warm-up time before Part 2 begins

Part 2: Battle of the Presses

Each of the 5 teammates will have 2 attempts at a max shoulder to overhead (can be a press, push press or push/split jerk). Teams will have 1 barbell each and will have to rotate each of the 5 teammates through in order of lowest weight attempts to highest. When teammate one completes their 2 attempts they are finished and it is teammate 2's turn to make two attempts. Teammate 2 can add weight to the bar if they choose but they cannot remove weight - once weight is added to the team's bar it cannot be removed for the remainder of the battle. Once each person from the team has taken their two attempts the weight of each teammates best completed lift will be added together and divided by 5 for a team average. There will be a 5 minute time cap on this part.

Overall Scoring: A team's score will be the total of reps from part one and team average weight lifted from part two.

Event #2 Heats:

Heat 1: WODn2Win (Green) vs. Flex Appeal (Military Green)

Heat 2:  Snatches and Jerks (Red) vs. Ladies and the Traps (Blue)