Everyone who works out in the evening classes knows Lori and how hard she works in the gym. She shows up everyday, lifts the heavy weight and goes all out in the workouts. This wasn’t always the case, it took a several months for Lori to realize what she was capable of and to give herself credit for her victories. She has made tremendous progress over the past 2 ½ years in the gym, but outside the gym and in particular her diet and nutrition has always been a struggle. If you didn’t know Lori is a single mother of 3 very active kids and she works full time; she could make any number of excuses as to why she doesn’t have time to make her health and fitness a priority. And for a long time she used “not having enough time” as her excuse for not getting her diet and nutrition in check. I would say Lori is the perfect example of how important your diet is – you can workout hard everyday but until you make a commitment to eating right you will never really see the change in your body or performance you are looking for.

I am sure you have noticed how good Lori is looking lately. There has been a major change in her body composition and it is happening because she got her mind and attitude in line with her work ethic in the gym. Here is Lori in her own words about what she is doing.  

The struggle is real.

Weight loss and weight maintenance isn’t easy.

No two people are the same.

Not one program works for everyone.

Every one has different body types, different likes and dislikes, different lives and schedules. And yet, the struggle is real.

The more weight I gained, the worse my attitude and performance became. The fewer goals I set. And I convinced myself that mediocre is ok.

But enough is enough. I had to get my mind in check. That's the first and most important part. I accepted that food is fuel. Controlling your diet is time consuming, it's expensive, it's not easy and it's not fair. I accepted that neither eating healthy nor working by themselves is enough. It takes both. I already knew all of these things but mentally I had to reaccept it. I got the My Fitness Pal app on my phone to get a snapshot of just how I was fueling my body and set my mind to changing what wasn’t working. This app is so very useful and helpful. I strongly recommend it.!!!

There are so many ways to eat healthy and loose weight and I have lost weight on just about all of them. However, I feel a balance of food in proportion is the best and easiest. I have found in eating this way my diet is low calorie, low fat, low bad carb and close to paleo. Interesting huh? I also take a multi vitamin...but that's mostly for my hair and nails!!

A few tips that help make this easier for me....I plan my meals on Sunday and I make the meals as simple and tasty as possible because I have to cook a separate meal for my kids each day as well, not to mention take them to their various events. I have to have simplicity. I try to use my crock pot as often as I can or as I prepare my kid's meal I am pre cooking for the next day and getting the next day's lunch together. I try to prepare at least 1 kid casserole on Sunday and refrigerate or freeze it to use on my busiest evening. I am a single mother of 3 amazing kids. I don't sit down until 8:00 or 9:00 each evening. I do it alone. All of it. It can be done!

I have a long way to go but anyone CAN control what we put in our mouth, how we think and our physical activity. We CANNOT control our body frame, height, and things that go on around us.

I'm ready to focus on what I CAN control.

Pick a goal or several small ones. I suggest using a scale only as a guide to see that you are making progress. The number means nothing. I wear 160# differently than the next person.

Personally, I have a pair of shorts that a special friend gave me that I haven't been able to wear.

I WILL CrossFit in those shorts this summer 2015 and when I do I will write it on the whiteboard!!


Get your mind right.

Get an attitude check.

Pick a goal.

Pick an eating plan.

And fight this fight to be healthy and better people!