Winter League Event #4

The 4th and final workout. Event #3 shook up the league standings just enough to make event #4 that much more interesting. Any team can take the overall lead with this final workout.
Here is what the teams will be tasked with Friday night at 6:30pm.

Part 1 - All 5 team members participating

For time:
150 35# Russian KB Swings - 2 team members, at least 1 female - 1 working at a time rotate however you want.
Every 25 KB swings, 2 of the remaining 3 members must complete 10 burpees, the 2 doing the KB swings must stop and cannot continue their KB swings until the 2 doing the burpees both finish 10 burpees.
The 5th member will complete as many double-unders as possible until the 150 KB swings are completed.
Note: Teams may not switch up roles once the workout has started.

Part 2 - All 5 team members participating

For time:

Team will rotate in order flipping the tire a set distance and back. Once the tire is back to the starting cone the team will work together to roll the tire around the 250m track. Time will stop once all 5 team members and the tire are back at the starting cone.
Note: Teams must rotate in order, each member flipping the tire one time before rotating to the next member. Men must flip the tire alone - women may assist each other.


Overall score will be time from part 1 plus time from part 2 minus total double-unders completed in part 1 - counted as seconds.