Winter League Event 3 Re-cap

 Team Flex Appeal bringing the Team Spirit for the week!!!

Team Flex Appeal bringing the Team Spirit for the week!!!

Event # 3 down and one of the most fun and super charged events so far in my opinion. Could have been due to all of the noise from the Team Mia cheering section with their megaphones and yelling or just because it was a fun team event. Either way it appeared fun was had by all and the leader board was mixed up once again as the Snatches and Jerks started their comeback from last place with an overall win for the night.
It would be difficult to name an MVP from this event (glad I don't have to try), but if I was to choose one it would have to be Shantel. Hitting a P.R. on her clean and jerk and then doing it multiple times for all of the 5 minutes of part 3 enabled her team to come from behind and not only win their heat but take the overall points for the night. Had she not been able to stay at the 85# weight for the entire part of the workout their team would have lost a lot of time changing the weights up and down and in the end that would have most likely cost them the overall win for the night. Ultimately though it was the women on each team that stole the show. Several women putting up heavier weight than they ever have in part 3 and several dominating in the 1st and 2nd parts is what keep the event so close in scoring.  Great job ladies.

In the end Snatches and Jerks won the event with Flex Appeal coming in 2nd, WODn2Win in 3rd and Ladies and The Traps is 4th. It was easy for Shelby to award the team spirit points for the night as Mia's brought her own cheering section from work complete with matching Team Mia shirts and Tiffany plastered the gym with Flex Appeal selfies (a little disturbing while cleaning the gym Saturday and every time I turned around there was one of their team staring at me).

We have 1 more team workout event, this Friday at 6:30pm, and a team bonus event to decide the League Champions (see below).

Team Bonus Event - Final Chance for Points
The idea behind a final bonus event is FUN and to keep the points standings interesting. It isn't often that we get to get out and play games like we did when we were kids. Let's have some fun! League champions will be announced after the kickball game.

Details: This Sunday at 4:00pm we will meet at Coggin Park for a little game of Kickball to finish off the Winter League. It is time to put all of your fitness to the test - well o.k. kickball doesn't require a lot of fitness, but it is time to have some fun with it.
We will have 2 kickball teams, the 1st and 4th place teams will make 1 team and the 2nd and 3rd place teams will make the other.
The winning Kickball team will earn 3 bonus league points (both teams that combined to make the winning team will each earn the points)
The Losing Kickball team will earn 1 bonus point.
All teams will earn 1/4 bonus point for each original team member present for kickball. No substitutions allowed.

League Standings After Event #3