Winter League Event #3

From what I hear the team spirit will hit a new level of crazy this week. Make plans to be at CFB at 6:30pm this Friday to catch all of the crazy action.

Here is what the teams will be tasked with:

Part 1:

21, 18, 15,12, 9
Thrusters (75,55)
Two people from each team work to complete this part. 1 person working at a time but no rules on how or when they switch out to complete the work.

Part 2:

The 3 team members who did not participate in part 1 will participate in part 2 to complete as many muscle-ups and row as many calories as possible in 90 seconds. Only 1 person doing muscle-ups at time and only 1 rower per team. Rotate however you want. Muscle-ups can be bar or ring muscle-ups. Score on this part is total reps. Each calorie count as 1/2 rep. For example if a team rows 30 and 20 muscle-ups they would score 35 reps (30/2 = 15 + 20 = 35).

Part 3:

In 5 minutes complete as many Clean + Shoulder to Overhead as possible. Each team will have 1 male bar and weights and 1 female bar and weights. Each rep is worth the following points based on weight on the bar:

95# = 1 point per rep
135# = 3 points per rep
*Men will have a 45# bar and a set of 25# bumbers and a set of 45# bumpers. No other weight combinations may be used.

53# = 1 point per rep
83# = 3 points per rep
*Women will have a 33# bar and a set of 10# bumbers and a set of 25# bumpers. No other weight combinations may be used.

All 5 team members must participate in order with a max of 3 reps at a time. 1 male and 1 female may work at the same time. Men will rotate in order and women will rotate in order.

Overall Scoring:

The overall score for event #3 will be the time from part 1 minus the reps from part two and the points in part 3 counted as seconds. For example a team has a time of 5 minutes on part 1, does 30 reps in part 2 and scores a total of 45 points in part 3 - their overall score would be 3:45 (5 minutes - :30 sec. = 4:30 - :45 sec. = 3:45).