Winter League Event #2 Re-cap and Standings

Although I was not present event #2, I hear it was a fun team workout. Here are the final team scores from the evening:
Heat 1:

WODn2Win - 742.9
Flex Appeal - 641.4

Heat 2:

Snatches and Jerks - 741.8
Ladies and the Traps - 767.7

League Standings After Event 2:

Team Spirit Clarification: There has been some miscommunication and misunderstanding about the team spirit bonus points. Even though I am the one who posted everything and emailed out the rules that stated the team spirit bonus would be awarded each week, I have been telling everyone it would be awarded at the end of the last event.
I was wrong, it was meant to be awarded each week for the team that showed the most team spirit for the week. So after talking with Shelby and clarifying everything she will be awarding 3/4 point each week (3 points total available from all 4 weeks). In weeks 1 and 2 Team 4 (Ladies and the Traps) took the bonus. The scoreboard has been updated to reflect this.