1+ Milion Meters - December Rowing Challenge

 Tiffany K., star of the rowing challenge.

Tiffany K., star of the rowing challenge.

At the beginning of December we started a friendly team challenge. The main task was simple, as a team row as many meters as you can in 20 gym days (1 month) and we through in a couple smaller challenges along the way to keep it interesting. Something simple turned into something hugs. I had no idea just how competitive some people were and never imagined that 35 people would row 1,342,106m in their off time. If you were to average that it comes to 38,345m total per person or 1,917m per person each day of the challenge. But averaging the meters would be unfair as a few of the participants went above and beyond average. The only rules were that all meters had to be rowed before or after class - meters rowed in class did not count. Here are some of the highlights:

Individual Stars

  • Most Meters Rowed
    • Tiffany K. - 194,093 meters or 121.3 miles
    • James K. - 102,650 meters or 64.15 miles
    • Sara Y. - 102,273 meters or 63.9 miles
    • Wendy M. - 84,055 meters or 53.8 miles
    • Missy R. - 59,183 meters or 36.98 miles
  • Fastest 1500m Row Times (Men)
    • Jake R. - 4:15
    • Dillon A. - 5:11
    • James K - 5:13
    • Van M. - 5:14
  • Fastest 1500m Row Times (Women)
    • Francie C. - 5:38
    • Tina W. - 6:10
    • Sara Y. - 6:10
    • Missy R. - 6:16

Overall Team Resultsl

  1. Team 2 (Captain: Sara) - 521,476 meters
  2. Team 3 (Captain: James) - 271,728 meters
  3. Team 1 (Captain: Missy) - 206,280 meters
  4. Team 5 (Captain: Shelby) - 185,636 meters
  5. Team 4 (Captain Francie) - 156,986 meters

So what was the purpose behind all of these meter in December? Just a simple way to get in a little extra work during the time of year that holiday distractions and food tend to derail our fitness efforts. Competition, even when there is no great prize for winning is a great way to stay motivated. We did however decide on a prize for the winners - the members of the other teams would treat them at an upcoming gym social. The winning team will be exempt from bringing anything (food or drinks). I am working on finding a date that works with everyone and will have the details out soon.

Great job to everyone - and way to go Team 2 for bringing home the gold.

Tomorrow I kick off my own personal challenge. I'll give you the details in the morning on my own personal blog - tune in tomorrow.