Childcare...P.R. Board

P.R. Board

When you come into the gym today you will notice a new whiteboard hanging with all of the main lifts we do as well as some running and rowing benchmarks. Christi has spent many hours laying this out and getting everyone's name put on the board. This board is for you to track your 1RM, 3RM and 5RM on all of your lifts as well as the rowing and running times. USE this, get in the habit of updating it each time you lift. We made this tool for you to help easily see where you are improving and to be able to easily scale loads based on % of rep maxes. This will also help us coaches be able to quickly reference where you are at and be able to recommend weights you should be lifting. Much easier than having to look up your lifts in a notebook. However, we are not saying you should now ditch the training journal. There is a lot of data you should be keeping track of in your journal, this is just an easier way to quickly reference your weights and for everyone to see and celebrate your p.r.'s.

Childcare (Must Read)

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I love it when parents bring their children to the gym to watch them workout. It is one of the best ways for kids to learn how important staying active and fit is. Kids will do what they see mom and dad doing. However, as much as I like it we have gotten a little lax on the rules of having children in the gym. Signs are posted around the waiting area stating children are not allowed in the gym area at anytime unless accompanied by mom or dad. This is a major safety issue for both the children and the adults lifting and working out.
We have also started having issues with children being where they are not supposed to be outside the gym. Over the weekend I discovered an area that children have decided to spray paint the building with smiley faces and initials. After doing a little investigating we are pretty certain we know who is responsible (they painted their initial so it didn't take too much digging). Our landlord is not happy and neither am I.
Over the past few weeks I have gone into the bathrooms after kids have been in there to find them completely trashed. One time even finding that one of them attempted to urinate in the sink. Obviously this is unacceptable and not something I want to clean up after.
So please understand that if you decide to bring your child(ren) to the gym with you, we have no problem with that, however, they must follow the rules and not be disruptive (safety of the class in progress). There is only one area the children may be while at the gym - seated in the waiting area. If they need to go to the bathroom or become disruptive to the class it is your responsibility to stop your workout and take care of them.

We are considering having a supervised childcare option during select classes in the fall. This is something many people requested two years ago, however, when we hired someone for the kids, those who requested childcare did not bring their children. We ended up paying to have someone there for nothing. If you would be interested in supervised childcare please email and let me know the best class times you would use it.