Next 10 Weeks - Test Week - Schedule

I sent out an email last week with some upcoming programming details, some schedule modifications and general info. This is a follow up to that to hopefully answer any questions you may have and to get everyone on the same page. (If you did not read the email, click here to read it)

The 10 Week Strength Cycle
We are about to begin a 10 week cycle that focuses on strength. What better time to do this than in the winter; after-all who wants to spend a lot of time in the cold doing running WODs anyway.
Intermediate/Advanced lifters will follow the 5/3/1 inspired program while beginner lifters will follow a basic 3x5 program
Intermediate/Advanced: For those who have been with us for more than a year, the next 10 weeks will look very familiar. We completed a strength cycle following the same template last year. If you were not here or do not remember this, it is inspired by the Wendler 5/3/1 program for building pure strength. To learn more about it specifically, take a few moments and read the article 5/3/1: How to Build Pure Strength.

The basics of following our next 10 week program were in the email, here are a couple key points to keep in mind.

  • We are starting lite for a reason. Do not mess with the percentages or the weights. Follow the lifting exactly as prescribed based on your maxes (see test week below).
  • Progress slowly through this. It is easy to be tempted to throw extra weight on the bar, do more reps than prescribed or keep trying to test your maxes each week. Do not fall for this. You will see results - just follow the program. 
  • Make each and every lift count. Be your own toughest judge. If you didn't hit full range of motion or full depth - don't count it. And leave your ego out of it, if you messed up on testing your maxes and the weight is too heavy to do it right, lower the weight and note it for the next time we do that lift.
  • Record everything - especially this coming week when we test everything. You NEED to know your numbers.

Test Week

This coming week, Monday November 10 - Saturday November 15, is test week. We will be testing our core lifts (Back Squat, Press and Deadlift) as well as a couple of other workout test. Try your best to make it to class on these days, or make the tests up on Thursday.
Come to class ready to push yourself and hold yourself accountable to good form. As stated above, leave your ego at the door and make the tests count.
Intermediate and Advanced: You will be testing your 3RM on the core lifts. You will need these numers to follow the program for the next 10 weeks.
Beginner (have not been lifting consistently and regularly for the last 6-12 months) : You will be finding your starting 5 rep weight. This is not necessarily a max, it is a weight that you can perform good quality reps 5 times with consistent speed through all reps. This will be your starting weight, you will then do 2 more sets of 5 reps at this weight. You will adding weight to this starting weight each week  for the next 10 weeks (Make sure you record it and take good notes). This is a basic progressive lifting program for someone who has not been lifting consistently and regularly. Each week you will be doing 3 sets of 5 reps (all sets at the same weight) of the core lifts.

Weekly Schedule

We have made a few changes to the weekly class programming schedule (also talked about in the email).

Thursdays: Active recovery/make-up or extra skill/personal goal work. A day to come in and work out some kinks with mobility/flexibility work, get in some active recovery work (movement but not intensity), practice some skills such as gymnastics or Olympic lifting or make-up one of the workouts from Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. There will not be set class start times on Thursday. Think of it as open gym time, you won't be late no matter what time you show up as long as it is during one of the following time blocks:

  • A.M. - We will be here from 5:30am until 7am.
  • Mid-day - We are here from 11:30am until 1:15pm
  • P.M. - Here from 5pm until 7:15pm

Come in during one of those times and get to work. We will be here to help.

Note: we will randomly schedule some times on Thursdays in which we will have a coach here specifically to work with anyone that wants, on their Olympic lifts. This will be a time that a coach can do some slo-motion video with you and show you some assistance skills to help improve your technique. We will announce these times on our Facebook page as well as on the WOD blog for that day. Even if it isn't listed as a dedicated time for Olympic lifting work doesn't mean you cannot work on the lifts, we will still be here to assist and coach you.

Saturdays: We now have a regularly schedule class at 8am on Saturdays. No more open gym from 8:30-10am (although there will be time to play around still after class) Our Saturday classes will be regular classes just like the weekday classes, with the exception that we will be programming more longer aerobic type workouts, Heros and even some off-site workouts such as track workouts at the BHS practice field.

Gym Improvements:

I will also be doing some work on the gym over the next month or so. I do not anticipate it affecting anyone, but there may be times that things are a little messy or out of place. I am planning a remodel of the waiting area, specifically building a better place for your kids to hang out while you workout. I will also be moving the pull-up/lifting rig (again) to help with the flow of the larger evening classes. Someday I may have the gym exactly as I want it and it will be perfectly situated to do everything we want, until then I will keep working to make it better. So please 'don't mind the mess', if there is one.