Winter League Event 1 Re-cap

The CFB Winter League Event #1 is in the books - and it was a blast! A perfect way to kick things off, with a simple team workout that came down to who came up with a better strategy to get the work done. Do you use your strongest runner on the starting relay if they are also strong in one of the other events? Do you save your strongest rower or do you use them on one of the other events and hope it doesn't wear them down too much before they get to the row? Do you run even though it isn't one of your strengths just because it could give another teammate a better chance of beating the other teams in another event?

In the end Team #3, Snatches and Jerks, came out on top. And while they had a great strategy and they worked well as a team it could have easily fallen apart had Mia not been able to hang on the bar as long as she did when it came to the rowing and bar hang. Her beastly first hang gave Dillon just enough time to get a big enough lead to knock team #4, Ladies and the Traps, out. The 2nd time Dillon came to the rower, a misplaced PVC pipe on the person hanging forced them to rotate before he even got going, without the lead they had created the first round, team #4 would have had a better chance to catch up and even pass them.

Event #2 is scheduled for March 6 @ 6:30pm. And remember, anyone who shows up and completes the CrossFit Games Open workout on Saturday (8am) will earn 1/4 point for their team. Open workouts begin this Saturday and run every week for 5 weeks. You could earn 1.25 bonus points for your team - just might be what sets the teams apart in the league standings.

League Standings