CFB Winter League Event 1

The time is finally here - Winter League Event #1. The action starts Friday night @ 6:30pm, we hope to see everyone at the gym to hang out and cheer on the teams.

Here are the basics of event 1 (rules follow):

Run 1750m  - 3 team members  - run relay style 250m at a time

45 pull-ups - 2 team members - 1 person holds top of deadlift (225/155) while the other does pull-ups, once either the person holding the deadlift drops the bar or the person on the pull-ups drops off the bar the two must switch - minimum of 10 reps each (i.e. 1 person cannot do 40 reps total and the other only do 5 total reps)

Row 1200m - 3 team members  - 1 person hangs from bar with knees tucked up and pvc pipe across their legs while one person rows and once rests. Once the pvc pipe drops or the person drops from the bar the three must rotate. Team members must stay and rotate in order.

100 box jumps - All 5 team members, 1 24" box (men) 1 20" box (women). 2 people (1 male/1 female) working at a time. Rotate however you want. Step ups are allowed - everyone must step down.

- Each team member must participate in at least 1 but no more than 2 of the first 3 parts of the workout and all 5 team members must participate in the box jumps.

- Only 3 members participate
- Runners must stay in order and must switch every 250m. Runner 1 will end up running 3 total times while runners 2 and 3 will only run 2 times.

- Only 2 members participate
- Chin MUST clear the bar at the top and arms must come to full extension at the bottom.
- No rep can be completed unless the 2nd member has the barbell in the top of the deadlift, off the ground.
- Teammates MUST switch out if either the barbell is dropped or the person doing the pull-ups drops off the bar. Each person has to contribute at least 10 reps to the total.

- Only 3 members participate
- Members must stay in order and rotate in order
- How you set the rotation is up to you but you must stay with that rotation. I.e. if you rotate from row to rest to hanging to start you must continue rotating that way.
- Once either the pvc pipe drops or the person drops from the bar you must rotate.

Box Jumps:
- All 5 team members must participate.
- Men must use the 24" box and women the 20" box.
- Step ups are allowed - Everyone must step down.
- You must come to complete hip and knee extension and be under control at the top of each rep.

The heats for event 1 are:
Heat 1: WODn2Win vs. Snatches & Jerks
Heat 2: Flex Appeal vs. Ladies and the Traps

Let the fun begin - may the best team strategy win.