The Next Few Months

Helen finishing off 3 reps at 200.5#. A new personal best for her and the first time she has picked up 200#.

Helen finishing off 3 reps at 200.5#. A new personal best for her and the first time she has picked up 200#.

We just wrapped up our 10-week 5-3-1 inspired strength focus cycle and the results were great. Just about everyone increased their 3RM in all of their lifts as well as improving their 2000m row time. Just check out the p.r. board next time you are in.
Don't worry we will still be re-testing the "Filthy Fifty" and "Helen" in the coming weeks (I didn't forget them) and I am sure everyone will crush them as well. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you did not see big improvements the past 10-weeks:

  • Were you in the gym consistently each week?
  • Did you miss a lot of the strength days?
  • How is your diet?
  • Are you doing too much? Over-training, working out everyday plus doing stuff outside the gym?

It isn't the end of the world if you fell off track a little - we did after all plan a 10-week lifting cycle right through the busiest time of year for most people. We are training for longevity and in the big picture there is still plenty of time to get back on schedule and start chasing your goals consistently.

So now that that 10-weeks is through what's next? For the next couple of months we will return to more traditional CrossFit programming. What does that mean? Simply that we will not put a focus in any one element of our training. You will see a mix of long workouts, short workouts, EMOMs, heavy days and skill work and practice. You know the "constantly varied" part of CrossFit.
There will be days devoted to nothing but heavy lifting and there will be days devoted to longer endurance workouts, skill work and everything in between.
Our classes will be a little more structured from warm-up to the workout as we will be including as much skill work and practice as we can fit in. We will be learning new skills and working to perfect the basics.
The workouts themselves will be a fun variety of old-school CrossFit workouts - some you will love, some you will hate. Now, however, is not the time to cherry pick your workouts. Don't avoid days because you are intimidated by the workout or the movements, those are the days you need to be in the gym, so we can help you turn those weaknesses into strengths. Set your schedule and come to as many training days as you can. You need to set goals around your weaknesses and then put in the work to get better.