Better Prepared for Success

CrossFit is a unique group training program. I would say it is more closely related to personal training than it is to typical group fitness classes. Sure everyone follows the same basic outline of a daily workout, but each person works at their own level and each individual has strengths and weaknesses that they work to improve each week/month. The exercises and movements we do require technique which requires coaching and practice to perfect. CrossFit requires a certain level of commitment to learning and improving yourself- we coach you on the movements and provide the workouts and motivation, but the commitment to improve comes from you. You have to be willing to learn and put in the effort to improve even those things you would rather not do (weaknesses) in order to reach the level of fitness we are after; the broad, general and inclusive fitness. The level of fitness that requires building strength and endurance and everything in between. Success in CrossFit is not directly related to how much you sweat and move in the 1 hour class (there will be a lot of that though), but in how much you have improved in the elements of fitness from the day before, the week before, your first workout and so on. And this improvement comes from a willingness to put in individual work and effort - not just follow along with a group. 
CrossFit is about getting better each day in all of the areas of fitness. This type of training requires a lot of effort on your part, you have to be fully engaged in what you are doing in class and where you are in your fitness journey. You have to have an understanding of what it is we are doing and why. Success will not come in CrossFit from just showing up and going through the motions - just like success in any sport or any other life endeavor would not come from just going through the motions.
But if you fully commit, it is all worth it. It is fun. It is measurable. There is always something you can improve and it is easy to see these improvements if you are fully engaged in the program.

So how can someone who is new to all of this join a class and not be intimidated? How can the new person jump in and know what to do if there isn't an instructor standing in front of the class with a mic playing follow the leader - telling you exactly what move to make and when throughout the whole workout. If everything takes practice how does the new person know what to practice? Make no mistake we spend a lot of time in class learning as a group and practicing together, and we coach you through the workouts - but it can still leave the new person a little lost.

This is why we have in the past required the new member to come to at least (3) 1-on-1 sessions with a coach to cover the basics of the program, the movements etc... And this is why all new members are now required to go through our CrossFit Prep Course (either the group option or 1-on-1). 2 weeks of basic training to prepare the new member for classes and getting the most out of the program. To better prepare them for success with CrossFit Brownwood.
Here is what we cover in the Prep Course:

  • What is Fitness/What is CrossFit
  • The basics of good nutrition
  • Introduction to mobility techniques
  • Introduction to foundational movements and skills
  • The barbell lifts and strength training
  • Mechanics --> Consistency --> Intensity
  • Scaling movements, workouts and intensity to your level of experience and ability
  • What does a class actually look like and what does everything on the whiteboard mean

The end goal of the Prep Course is not mastery of everything we do but instead an introduction to give you a foundation to start building on once you join our classes. The Prep Course is also designed to help ease the intimidation or nervousness a new member might feel to trying things they have never done. We have a great group of members at CrossFit Brownwood, a positive, encouraging atmosphere in the classes and great coaches. I am confident that anyone could walk right into a class and get a great workout and feel welcomed and at home with our members, but we want to prepare new members for long-term success and the CrossFit Prep Course is the first step. 

Our first Group CrossFit Prep Course begins Tuesday January 13th at 6:30pm and will run for 2 weeks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 6:30pm. Our next Group Prep Course will not start until February. So if you are ready to make a change in your health and fitness, now is the time, don't put it off save your spot now.

Sign-up today and take advantage of our 50% off New Year Special - January Group CrossFit Prep Course for only $29.50 (that's less than $5/class). It's easy to get signed up. Just click on the blue button and follow the directions - time is running out.

If your schedule does not allow you to make the group Prep Course or you would rather start with private 1-on-1 sessions, we can do that as well for less than the cost of typical personal training. Just click here to contact us.